Anti-Bullying Week is from November 11-15 with the theme ‘Change Starts With Us’.

We all have a role to play in creating a world where bullying is no longer tolerated, and where children feel safe, happy and supported. With at least one child in every class bullied on a daily or weekly basis, we must take action to create a kinder more caring society.

Here are steps we can all take:

1. Be kind – it sounds trivial but every day is an opportunity to show kindness to someone. Thank the shop worker, give way in traffic, open the door, smile.

2. Look out for people who are on their own or new to the area. A compliment or a chat can make someone's day.

3. Avoid liking or sharing posts that spread negativity. Social media is great for connecting us with others but far too often is used to hurt, humiliate or spread anger. Make a conscious effort to only build others up and stop following people that spread hate.

4. Be a positive role model. If you are quick to put other people down or laugh at others who are different, it’s likely you are having a negative influence on those around you.

5. Be there for the children and teenagers in your life. These are not easy times to be growing up in. Make sure they know you are always there for them, and create time together when they can share what’s on their mind. A walk, a trip to the cinema or their favourite restaurant, a car journey – these are all good times to check in.

Finally, if you or someone you know needs help with bullying visit

Lauren Seager-Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Kidscape