MAIL readers have reacted to five clinical support workers at Furness General Hospital (FGH) who have been recognised for having completed a special course designed to help improve the care of people living with dementia. The course, which was drawn up by the Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Stirling, Scotland, focuses on personalised care, assessment and support, as well as legal considerations in dementia care. Kim Peirson, Emma Pearson, and Emma Neto, who all work at FGH's Ward 9, along with Rebecca Ward and Millie Robinson, from the Day Surgery Unit at FHG, completed the 24-hour-long course.

Esha North Well done mum!! And the rest of the team met the ladies a few times while popping in to see mum lovely team!

Jill Robinson Well done Millie and the other nurses. It's not surprising how well you've done though.

Christine Stephenson Aww nice one Rebecca and crew

Chris Hartley Well done to all the ward nine staff, you all do a great job and we respect you all.

Christine Holden Congratulations.

Shelley Gibirdi Well done Millie and Rebecca Ward, well deserved.

Michael Turner NHS fantastic people.

Rachel Newsham Well done Rebecca Ward and Kim Peirson

Helen Stretch Well done Kim Peirson and the rest of you girls...Hey don't worry if I get sick again I'm coming back to ward nine, its like home from home.

Chris Hartley Were would we all be without you all.

Kate Irvine I personally cannot thank ward nine enough for the help they gave my aunt they were patient with her and very friendly and helpful. They don't get the recognition the NHS staff need well done girls.

Hannah Wright Well done Rebecca Ward.

Karen Ohara Lovely ladies.

Julie Thistlethwaite Well done Kim Pearson.

Bev Treen Well done girls.

Dave Caine Go on Rebecca Ward!