A STUDENT nurse has been placed among the best in the world in an international body-building competition.

Chelsea Crowe, from Barrow, represented Team GB at the IBSA World Championships against fierce competition from across the globe.

The 27-year-old came out in fourth place at the championships held in Rome which she said was a ‘huge achievement’.

Miss Crowe, who works as a health care assistant as well as training towards her nursing degree, became interested in bodybuilding four years ago.

She said: “I enjoyed going to the gym a few times a week then started getting personal training sessions with the coach Kade Kendall.

“He encouraged me to get into bodybuilding and my interest kind of grew from there.

“I never really thought I was good enough for it up to that point.”

Miss Crowe entered her first bodybuilding competition four years ago.

“I used to dance on stage so felt comfortable in the spotlight,” she said.

“I got a huge adrenaline rush out of showcasing all the hard work I’d put into my training.

“It felt rewarding being able to show off all those hours at the gym on stage.”

The mum-of-one then entered the IBSA World Championship, beating the competition to be crowned fourth place.

She said: “I wasn’t expecting it all.

“The top three girls were a lot bigger and more muscular than me so I was pleased to make fourth place.”

Miss Crowe was joined on the trip with 16 of her closest friends and family.

“I’ve had great support from my friends and family, especially my daughter who’s been to every competition,” she said

“She’s my biggest supporter.”

Miss Crowe is currently juggling a body-building career with her student nurse training as well as being a full-time health care assistant.

She said: “It’s hard managing all the different jobs every day but you get used to it.

“I enjoy everything I do.”