A WARRANT has been issued after a man charged with using an imitation gun failed to turn up at a court case.

Ionut Alexandru was due to appear at South Cumbria Magistrates' Court after being charged with the offence.

The 30-year-old Romanian, who lives in Barrow's Manchester Street, was arrested by police on September 11.

A large number of armed police officers were seen in the town centre that day.

But the defendant missed his appearance at the court where he was due to make a plea on the charge.

Prosecutor Diane Jackson told the court the defendant had not appeared to plea and may have returned to his home country.

Magistrates granted the warrant.

He was charged with possessing a fake Glock gun.

Police blocked off High Street on the day as the apprehended a man.

Several police officers carrying guns had warned people away from the area.

Around a dozen specially-trained officers armed with weapons were seen in the town centre

A cordon was in place between The Diamond restaurant and Rawlinson Street.

A search was carried out at a flat in Manchester Street, with police officers detaining another man - although he was released without being arrested.