Mail readers have reacted to Aldi’s new trial of recycled drawstring bags in Cumbria. At the end of the month, over 60 stores across the county will offer the bags as a more sustainable alternative to single-use plastic. The drawstring bags are made from recycled plastic bottles and will be sold for 25p each. This is the supermarket’s latest step to reduce unnecessary plastic as it works towards reducing plastic packaging by 25% by the end of 2023.

Zina Preston said: “I have a string bag for veg and fruit, brilliant!”

Marion Clarke said: “ I already use these bags from lidl.”

Helen Marr said: “I already have them but Aldi sell very little fruit & veg that can be bought loose.”

Rachelle Poyntz said: “Love this idea.”

Jessie Critch said: “I love the idea, I saw them in Lidl the other day.”

Josie Aitchison said: “I will definitely buy and use these.”

Julie Maggs said: “It’s a great plan and I’m glad they’re trialling up here and not just down South where these initiatives usually take place.”

Sheena Burley said: “Excellent idea.”

Carol Jones said: “Been using these in Sainsbury’s for a while - really good.”

Vicky Moody said: “They sell these in Barrow fruit and veg market.”

Jamie Mcgowan said: “Good idea, but will probably end up in cupboard just like the carrier bags I’m meant to take.”

Peter Cahill said: “Natural plant fibres would be better i.e Hessian or cotton... We don’t need plastic at all when it comes to shopping bags or fruit & veg bags.”

Gail Grey said: “Love it”.

Annette Balderstone said: “Brilliant idea.”

Anne Walker said: “Good idea.”

Jane Steventon said: “Brilliant, I will definitely use them.”

Sheena Burley said: “Excellent idea.”