Cumbria can expect to find itself at the heart of the power struggle between parties during the General Election fight.

Nigel Farage is the first of the political big-hitters to visit and with key battlegrounds in Carlisle and in the west of the county, you can be sure other big names will be campaigning for our votes.

The leader of the Brexit Party says he doesn’t believe in manifestos and it is true that in recent times, the promises made in the documents have been quietly, shelved or even ignored.

But manifestos are roadmaps for the future, as viewed by the parties. They are the general direction of travel.

We have drawn up our own – one which we are keen to see all parties adopt. Certainly there is little reason for them not to support our aims.

While Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he wants to ‘level up’ the country and provide more funding for deprived and less well-off areas, we demand that the next government should power up the north.

For too long there has been a massive inequality between the rich south and ignored north of the country.

For too long Whitehall has overlooked and undervalued our resources, skills and opportunities.

Newsquest Cumbria has joined forces with other northern media outlets, politicians and businessmen to campaign for our region to get the recognition and consideration it deserves.

We call on politicians of all persuasions to work with us for the benefit of future generations in the region and in the country