MAIL readers react to the need for better lighting after a robbery happened in the alleyway between Friars Lane and Cloisters Avenue in Barrow on Saturday.

Janice Braithwaite said: "The one street light that's in that alley wasn't working last week and my daughter had to use her torch to see where we were going, plus there are a lot of overgrown hedges that need cutting back, a lot of people use this alley, hope the lady is okay and improvements can be made to prevent this kind of behaviour"

Shevi Sarah Irvine said: "It definitely needs more lighting, it's the quickest way to the shop so people use it regularly and it's so dark!"

Lynne Turner said: "One light is always out, I emailed the council several times early last year about the light not working they did get it sorted eventually but even when fully lit it’s not that great."

Lynne Johnson said: "The new lighting that has been installed all round the town is awful, they might as well have taken the lamp posts out with the amount of light they give out. Most people wear dark clothing now the weather is changing and is getting colder and wetter and you can't see them until you have nearly ran them over. I think something does need to be done now daylight is getting shorter."

Jacqueline Cooksey said: "It needs a light. Local people have asked for one for years. Council do not bother even cleaning that alley my 73 year old dad does it for them cause they just don't want to know."

Elaine Jones said: "Lighting is bad everywhere!It's like something from a Charles Dickens novel in some places."

Linda Purcell-Genc said: "They need to block this cutting off or get cctv it's terrible."

Barrowbouy said: "No good getting your councillors involved, I've been reporting defective lighting for two years in council cut-through paths, and county council says borough problem, borough says county problem!"