THE Mail readers have reacted to the CBI deputy regional director for Cumbria and the North East, Alistair Westwood, who made the argument for the county as part of a nationwide plea by the business organisation for the Government to back the controversial high-speed railway project.

Mike Stephenson said: “What a load of rubbish. HS2 has been a huge waste of money already, the costs will only balloon further if it’s allowed to continue. Money which could’ve been spent improving the whole rail network in all areas of the country plus investing in other infrastructure such as roads, cycleways, tram schemes, bus services to rural areas, etc.”

Derek McNaughton said: “No it’s not, it’s only purpose is to fill the pockets of its shareholders.”

John King said: “We struggle to get trains past Lancaster, hs2 won’t come closer than Manchester, so when will this benefit Cumbria.”

Sylvia Stoker said: “Really! How will it help the North West then? Stupid cost for little result. Better spending the money on getting the pathetic railways to a better standard.”

Andy Crossman said: “We have one of the worst rail infrastructures in Europe its about time we caught up with other countries.”

Brendan Sweeney said: “Other countries have high speed for long distances, HS2 will cover less than half the distance between Euston and Glasgow.”

BarrowBloke said: “Spending billions when one leaf can grind it to halt.”

Dave Thomas said: “With modern communications it’s simply not needed. These business men think they are so important that the country needs to spend billions and billions in this white elephant to save few hours. A cheaper alternative is to set off earlier.

Robin Hood said: “HS2 is not required whilst we have poor trains to the regions towns. It’s a elitist programme that will benefit the bigger cities while leaving towns further behind. Use the money to modernise rural lines.