People considering returning to a career in industry have been given a boost with the launch of a new scheme.

BAE Systems has joined forces with STEM Returners to offer people who have taken a break from being an engineer, architect or any STEM-related career, the opportunity to return to the workplace.

Last September, BAE Systems embarked on an innovative pilot programme to attract back engineers after a career break.

Recognising the value that experienced engineers had to offer and the barriers that they faced to return to their vocation, BAE Systems has now welcomed back 30 returners on a permanent basis.

BAE Systems recognises that returners often face barriers to returning to work after a career break, be that because of a perception by hirers of a deterioration of skills, or a lack of flexibility.

The ground-breaking programme shows career break returners that BAE Systems values the skills that they have gained while out of industry by enabling a return to their career in a flexible and inclusive way.

The programme is open to men and women in Cumbria and surrounding areas who have taken any length career break, as well as those who wish to transfer sectors but lack the relevant work experience.

Candidates signing up to the programme will join a paid 12-week structured return to work programme, which will include soft skills training, technical training and on the job experience, as well as coaching and mentoring support.

At the end of the 12 weeks, job offers will be made by BAE Systems Submarines to those who have shown the skills and aptitude to join the engineering specialists.