MORE Syrian refugees are heading to Cumbria in the latest round of a Government resettlement programme.

Cllr Giles Archibald, leader of South Lakeland District Council, made the announcement at a meeting in Kendal on Wednesday.

He said: “We have well over 200 refugees in Cumbria now and we have taken in six families and more will be coming. Almost three years ago, Cumbria agreed to take well over 200 refugees, mostly people from Syria.

“They have been coming in 11 batches so far, and more are still coming. I want to publicly thank Cumbria County Council for its very discreet work in settling people here. It has been discreet for reasons I am sure you will understand.”

Cllr Archibald, who heads the Liberal Democrat group, said he was ‘truly proud’ of the role SLDC had played.

“I understand that pretty well all of these families are so happy with the arrangements we have made and where they are staying that a lot of them are very likely to stay even if they have a chance to go back to Syria, he said.

“People’s lives have been changed because of what we’ve done and  I think that’s important to bear in mind.”

Council chairman Stephen Coleman said it was ‘very good’ that South Lakeland had played a part.

Cllr Archibald went on to condemn the recent attacks by Turkey on northern Syria. “While this is not in the council’s responsibility, I think I would want all members to reflect on what’s happening to those thousands and thousands of Syrian people, whose lives are being so dreadfully affected as a result of the decision of one man. I want us to reflect on that and think about how lucky we are,” said Cllr Archibald, the member for Kendal Town.