QUESTIONS have been raised over whether there are enough facilities for young people in Barrow.

A call for more youth facilities in Barrow has been made by a number of councillors, business leaders and parents.

The discussion comes after residents called for more police presence in the town centre due to rising levels of anti-social behaviour.

Barrow Town Councillor, Dave Pidduck, said: "There is always an argument for more facilities for young people in the town.

"However, often a lot of youngsters don't want to use them.

"From what I know, there are young people who would rather just hang out with their friends than access a youth centre."

Cllr Bill McEwan, however, believes a central youth centre would discourage anti-social behaviour within the town.

"When we had youth clubs, there definitely wasn't as much anti-social behaviour as there is now.

"The worst thing to happen was when the government cut the budgets for youth facilities, forcing a number of them to close.

"I hope there will be more money pumping into facilities to give young people something to do and somewhere to go."

Colin Garnett, manager of Barrow’s Business Improvement District, is also calling for more high quality leisure facilities for young people.

"There are a lot of opportunities for young people in Barrow, but there is always room for improvement," he said.

"I think Barrow would benefit from more high quality leisure facilities for younger people.

"Look at the indoor skate park (Urban Extreme) and how popular it is.

"I'd love to see leisure facilities of this quality in the town centre to provide opportunities to young people and encourage them to visit the town."

Laura Sandifer, who is a mum-of-two from Walney, thinks more should be offered for older children in the town.

"I think if more was offered out of school hours then teen crime rates would drop," she said.

"Usually teenagers hang around places because they are bored.

"I also feel the town could benefit from a teen arcade centre and bowling alley. Allowing them to spend their time out of the house productively rather than some, not all, resorting to crime."