THE Mail readers react to a motorist smashing into a local chip shop, sending the driver and his passenger to hospital. Nearby residents were evacuated from their houses as a precaution, whilst gas engineers assessed the extent of the structural damage.

Diane Ward said: “I feel sorry for the owners and staff of St Luke’s Street, now unable to work. Hope it gets sorted quickly for them.”

Mike Jones said: “We live a few doors down, my lad heard the bang then we where told to leave immediately by the fire brigade and police, literally dragged the kids out of bed and shot off to my mums. Someone could have been killed, and the business owner is out of pocket.”

Liam Beauman said: “I hope they have to pay for all the damages and loss of money.”

Emily Bispham said: “I hope the occupants of the car are ok. I’m baffled to how this could happen.”

Stuart Balfour said: “Anyone who would have been a pedestrian on that corner would now be dead.

Ian Worthington said: “Hope they are OK, looked awful when I drove past.”

Carol Lomas said: “I’m just hoping everyone is ok that were involved and the shop was closed .The shop will be fixed and reopen soon.

Stacey Lippitt said: “Jesus! Poor Dave that owns St Luke’s chippy... Hope all involved are ok.”