University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT) is joint top of a national leaderboard for screening for undiagnosed dementia in people admitted to hospital through the Emergency Department.

For the last few years, all NHS Trusts in England have been required to achieve a national financially-led CQUIN (Commission for Quality and Improvement) target for the screening of possible dementia in patients.

UHMBT is joint top out of 87 health organisations that have been required to meet the target. This means patients and families affected by dementia are able to get support and advice sooner thanks to the earlier detection.

Dianne Smith, Dementia Matron for UHMBT, said: “Our Care of the Elderly team has worked extremely hard to achieve and maintain the target. They are very dedicated to their role and to their patients.

“When people over the age of 75 years come through our Emergency Department and are subsequently admitted to hospital, they are automatically screened for undiagnosed dementia.

“People over the age of 75 are coming in to A&E because they are injured or unwell so the screening is an additional service for them.

“It is important that people over 75 are screened for undiagnosed dementia. One of the benefits is that if dementia is picked up, we can set the wheels in motion for people to receive the appropriate care and support.

“When someone is diagnosed with dementia, they are entitled to certain financial benefits and support. We can let them know where to receive that support.