THE Good people in Ormsgill are sick and tired of thugs like Michael Haldon and welcome the courts taking a hardline against those who disrupt and terrorise our communities.

Not only did this arrogant yob think he could blast his music at all hours of the day as loud as he liked, he then seriously intimidated a mother with a six-month-old baby and a toddler when she dared have the temerity to confront him about it.

His appalling, self-centred, attention-seeking behaviour did not stop there.

When police arrived he rained cans and bottles at officers, threatened to ignite the gas supply, smashed up the flat and doused it with an accelerant - putting the entire street at risk.

There is simply no justification for this type of temper tantrum at any age, let alone a ‘man’ of 25-years-old.

He would do well to think long and hard about the effects his behaviour has had on others,but few will be holding their breath.

How much this has damaged his victim and her young children, none of us will ever know. Hopefully they have had the support they need.

Yet it is perverse that offenders like Haldon will be given access to support while serving time inside.

And many will argue he should never again be given a council flat or accommodation in Barrow having burned all his bridges here.