THE latest recipient of The Mail's Bouquet of the Week is a woman celebrating her 106th birthday.

Gladys Hinchcliffe, a resident of Risedale Risedale Nursing and Retirement Home, has been praised by staff and residents as she celebrates the milestone.

Described as having 'lovely smile' and being 'fiercely independent', Gladys was nominated by Rachel Briant, activities co-ordinator the home.

Rachel said: "Ever since she arrived she has been a fiercely independent lady with an indomitable spirit.

"Always preferring to do things for herself as far as she is able.

"She has always been particular about her surroundings and appreciates even the smallest gesture to help her keep her room the way she likes it.

"She has a keen eye for how her bed is made and has been known to reveal a poorly tucked in corner and ask for it to be remade with hospital corners so that it is done properly!

"Nonetheless those who care for her feel she she is joy to look after."

Gladys has been a resident at Risedale for 10 years.

Rachel added: "Gladys has been a good friend to many who have come to live at Risedale.

"All the staff agree that she displays a witty sense of humour and her smile lifts the spirits of those around her.

"She continues to participate in activities and only last week took part in chair exercises followed by a game with balloons."

Gladys was born in Barrow in 1913 and lived on Risedale Road. As a child she attended Greengate School and continued her education at Risedale School. On leaving school at 16 she entered Vickers shipyard, now BAE.

She was delighted to receive the flowers.

Rachel said: "She was thrilled and said: 'I was hoping for some beautiful flowers - thank you.'

"She has spent the rest of the afternoon admiring them and saying 'I love flowers. I’ve always liked them'.”

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The flowers are provided by Floral and Hardy in Ulverston.