Victoria Louise I'm all for tourism in a our beautiful part of the world, but even the 'secret' beauty spots that only locals ever knew of are being totally over run now

Sandra Goodsir-West This could be an opportunity for businesses like Mountain Goat to take smaller amounts of tourists around the lakes

Peter Rutter Better then having loads of cars.its a no brainer

Michael Griffiths Remember if a coach spends a day it probably adds at least a £1000 to the local economy, add a lake cruise into that there's £2000, if the group stays over night that's upto £4000, maybe even more depending on what hotel has charged per room.

Lisa Lysons Park and ride service

Karl Tumelty I blame Beatrix

Leanne Longmire There’s not enough of any parking in Bowness.

Terry Vickers bringing all of Japan!

Peter Cahill Japanese folk love our history and country which is something to be proud of plus the feeling is mutual as I find Japan and it's citizens interesting and worth a visit if I could afford it..who needs to be part of Europe when there's a whole world out there that comes to visit us and do trade with..Far Eastern countries are the best trade when it comes to technology by far👍