DOZENS of Furness students are set to walk out of schools in aid of the world's biggest climate strike.

Concerned Ulverston residents are planning on abandoning their daily schedule this Friday in support of students walking out of schools and colleges as part of the Global Climate Strike.

Organisers of the demo in Ulverston are tight-lipped about what form it will take, but it is expected to be dramatic.

The action will start about 12.30pm, with the main event about 1pm.

Student's from Ulverston Victoria High School are expected to be joined by college students and school pupils from Barrow and Kendal for a demonstration highlighting the climate crisis.

The protest is taking place from 10am to 4pm outside the town's Coronation Hall.

Student organiser Tilly Jackson, 17, said: "I feel that the climate emergency has fallen onto us younger people to take care of - but we can’t do that without the help of the people in power.”

She continued: “In these strikes we hope to push our message of just how important climate change is to governments and corporations so they can take action.

We need to do something about the climate crisis before it’s irreversible."

Supporter Cat Moffatt, who runs a shop in the town - Cut the Wrap - which aims to reduce the use of plastic by selling greener, alternative products, added: "Climate change and the threat it poses to existence is something we can no longer deny.

"We have to take immediate action and hold our government to account for their slow and underwhelming response to the increasing risk to life climate change poses."

Students previously participated in a climate change strike in May this year which took place in more than 1,400 cities across the world, topping the 1.4 million protestors who participated in the global day of strikes in March.

More than 30 Ulverston Victoria High School students previously chose to skip school to strike against the growing global warming crisis on May 24.

These students lined up outside the Coronation Hall with signs reading ‘There is no Planet B’ and ‘Safeguard Our Future’ to highlight their demand for government action.

Many Councils have declared a Climate Emergency, with Union members having asked councils to put words into action.