After Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Britain will break out of the European Union’s “manacles” like The Incredible Hulk if a Brexit deal cannot be struck by the end of next month, we asked Mail readers if they are behind Mr Johnson and his Brexit strategy.

Nerys Curtis said: "I’m sick of being told we didn’t know what we were voting for and that we must be of low intelligence if we can’t see the error of our ways by Remainers. I have faith in my country, we can be self sufficient,of course at first it’s going to be a difficult road, but from where I sit they need us a lot more than we need them, which is why they’re sitting back watching us destroy ourselves over it.

Alice Hunter Yes and if your saying no spend a day reading up what the word democracy really means, he looks like the only one that will carry out the decision we voted for and won back in 2016. I knew exactly what I was voting for at the time there were only two options, in or out. The system of the EU are well on the way to a federal state. If we do manage to escape the EU it's the equivalent of 16 of the 27 other states leaving at once. The EU are milking this country without us they are finished and they know it."

Chris Burl: "If he represents the best we can offer as a country, we're screwed."

Derek McNaughton: "No, he is a consummate liar, and quite simply does not have the intelligence, or social awareness needed, to get a deal for the entire country, he is just looking after himself and his Tory backers."

Michael Hoad: "If he’s telling the truth then I would back him 10000 per cent. I just wish he was telling the truth."

Martini Rossineri: "1000 per cent the only one who's stepped up to represent the democratic vote."

Yvonne Patterson: "Once any vote involves fraud or proven lies it should be run again. Maybe then they might stop telling lies. This isn’t a general election that can be overturned in four to five."