A BARROW mum of three was left fearing for her son's life after multiple incidents of 'dangerous' parking outside her home.

Mana Barrow has spoken out for her 9-year-old son, who suffers from a life debilitating condition, after three parked cars prevented access to their home as well as blocking the pavement.

Her son Corey McPoland suffers from a rare genetic disorder known as Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease (PMD) and is forced to use a wheelchair at all times.

At 9.15am on Wednesday a parked car, believed to belong to a Newbarns Primary School parent blocked access from their gate and another parked on the pavement preventing access for a wheelchair user like Corey.

Miss Barrow said: "They parked really dangerously. We regularly have to go to appointments for Corey's health and how can we if he can't get out of our home.

"Also when they are parked it pushes poor Corey into the road - on one occasion he was nearly knocked down."

Miss Barrow also described how these latests incidents of 'inconsiderate parking' have left Corey feeling frightened.

"It makes him feel really scared and you can just imagine how frustrated he gets", she said.

Since the incident Miss Barrow has approached Newbarns Primary School to help raise awareness, which prompted the school's headteacher, Gary Birkett, to send out an email reminding parents to park considerably.

In the email he said: "I had a distraught parent and local resident in my office this morning who struggled to get her son (who is in a wheelchair) out of her house because of people parking inconsiderately. Please be aware that there are several elderly and disabled residents around Kendall Croft area especially."

Miss Barrow, 40, has also approached Cumbria County Council to discuss the possibility of getting additional parking lines painted outside her house.

A spokesman from Cumbria County Council said: "We’d urge people to park considerately and respectfully, and to familiarise themselves with local signage."