ULVERSTON lit up with excitement this weekend for the annual Ulverston Lantern Festival.

People lined the streets throughout the town to see watch as hundreds of lanterns were paraded in to the town centre.

The beating of drums and sounds of the brass band could be heard throughout Ulverston as there were a number of of parades which merged together in to one large procession in the town centre.

Thousands watched the processions of people carrying specially crafted lanterns through the town before gathering for the finale in Ford Park where everyone enjoyed an amazing fireworks display.

The luminous creations had all been crafted by the community in a series of workshops.

Children could be seen waving flashing wands and cheering for all the giant lanterns.

This years theme was fantastical beasts and there were a host of impressive creations including a Triceratops, a flying pig, a dragon which was made by the 2nd Ulverston Scout Group, as well as a host of Pokemon characters.

Chris Nelson, Chairman of the Ulverston Lantern Festival Committee said: “The festival was absolutely fantastic.

“We had great crowds and some amazing lanterns.

“With the weather being so nice it couldn’t have gone better.

“We’re always gobsmacked by the creativity of the people in Ulverston who design the lanterns each year.

“They always take our theme and go wild with it.

“This year there was a fantastic range of fantastical beasts, from dragons, to Hippogriff and flying pigs.

“Who could have imagined a little town could come up with all this.

“It was such a great night and we couldn’t do it without the support of all our volunteers.

“The stewards, the helpers and of course the police, thank you to everyone.”

The first lantern festival was held in 1986 and over the years has become a staple of the Ulverston calendar.