CHILD sex abuse is an emotive subject.

The thought of anyone harming a child would strike fear into the heart of any parent and so it is only natural that the general consensus is that sentences for child sex offenders need to be tougher.

The internet and social media have created greater risks for our children and such a forum is incredibly hard to police.

While some may argue that vigilante groups such as those who 'hunt' paedophiles are taking the law into their own hands there are undoubtedly few parents who would have an issue with their attempts to bring such people to justice.

Through budget cuts and austerity our current policing system is stretched.

Of course, a major element of the justice system is the prospect of rehabilitation, but in situations where offenders have repeatedly put children at risk there are few who would argue that a significant custodial sentence is the only suitable punishment.

For a convicted paedophile to have twice gone on to re-offend, as Ian Strickland has done, there is surely only one appropriate response.

We can only hope that the justice system recognises the seriousness of the situation and hands down a suitable sentence that reflects the feelings of society.