1. Barrow Park:

Just off Abbey Road, Barrow Park is a great spot for runners looking for somewhere more scenic to run. With various paths throughout the path, runners can decide how far they want to run and the hill up to the cenotaph allows runners wanting to get in some hill training a great change place to do it.

This is also the venue for Parkrun in Barrow.

For those who prefer running on a treadmill, there is also Life Leisure Barrow Park.

2.Walney beach:

Walney is a great spot for runners with miles of coastline which provide great views for anyone jogging along the beach. Biggar village to Earnse Bay is a 2.3 mile stretch along Walney Island which would be perfect for runners of any ability.

3. Roanhead beach: Another great spot for beach runners which proved popular amongst Mail readers with a number of recommendations. Roanhead beach can be found just south of Askam and offers some great walk/running trails through the dunes and some beautiful views.

4.Ford Park:

A great place for Ulverston runners as is it right on their doorstep. Ford Park has lots to offer for runners as well as anyone who is a fan of the outdoors.

The park is full of some great paths and beautiful scenery.

Ulverston Parkrun is held at Ford Park on a weekly basis.

5.Millom Parkrun:

Park run is a fantastic start for people looking to get involved in running.

Every week a dedicated team put the course together and ensure that all participants are looked after.

Runners of all abilities get stuck in to the 5km course, and each week a few lucky runners are featured in The Mail.

6. Black Combe: Great for those who prefer fell running, Black Combe is nestled in Copeland not far from Millom. It offers some amazing views for runners and walkers who reach the top but also those who choose not to attempt the climb.

7. Sandscale Nature Reserve: With magnificent views, vast stretches of sand dunes and lovely forest areas, Sandscale Nature Reserve has much to offer for runners as well as dog walkers and anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

8. Ulverston to the Hoad:

Another challenging spot for those looking to get stuck in to some hills.

The route from Ulverston up to the Hoad is a great run which offers some beautiful views of the town when you reach the top.

9. How Tun Woods: How Tun woods, near Ormsgill, was planted by people in the community as a celebration of the millennium. This circular walk offers a great running route.

10. Abbots Wood: A popular woodland trail based in the grounds of Furness Abbey. Abbots wood provides some excellent trails for runners.