A MUM-of-three was 'left for dead' after being knocked off her moped by a driver who then fled the scene.

Derienne Foster said she was in a 'real state' after the car, believed to be a black Mercedes-Benz Saloon, crashed into her moped on Leece Lane, Barrow.

Miss Foster, aged 45, said the driver sped off leaving her lying in the middle of the road.

Police are investigating.

As a result of the crash she has been left struggling to walk and has been forced to take time off work from her role as credit controller at James Fisher.

“They left me for dead,” she said.

“I was just going around the bend near to The Old Smithy Fish and Chip when they clipped me on my right side. I was left lying on the road and could see they weren’t going to stop.

“At first I was angry, then shocked and then I just burst out crying - I was in a real state.”

Miss Foster is the mother of three girls - Molly, 12, Jasmine and Lily, both aged 10.

Her sister Simone Donnelly said: “They could have left the children with no mother - I’m absolutely fuming.”

Miss Foster, of Stonedyke Lane, was treated at hospital and after an x-ray doctors identified ‘damaged ligaments’ in her foot. She also has extensive bruising up her side.

Miss Foster has been using her moped for over 20 years, mostly for short trips between work and getting home to walk her three lurcher dogs. She said this was the first time anything like this had ever happened.

She said: “I just don’t know how someone could drive off and leave me like that. Fortunately, four people did stop to help - their kind actions at least show that there is still some humanity in the world and I really want to thank them.”

The car was driving along Holbeck Road and had pulled out of a junction onto Leece Lane when the crash occurred.

It happened at around 1.15pm on Monday.

Police are investigating and have urged anyone with information or CCTV footage to call PC 2459 on 101.