IN an ideal world introducing cameras at hospital car parks would ensure everyone uses the correct spaces and pays for the privilege.

But in an ideal world there would be sufficient car parking places - and at FGH this is far from the case.

Staff face a 10-year waiting list for a parking permit while anyone who has visited the hospital will know that at peak times you've got more chance of seeing Peppa in the sky than finding a space.

Patients, staff and visitors should all be using the correct car park and paying if required to do so.

No one would question the necessity of that but it only makes sense if there are enough spaces. Which there isn't.

The trust is going about this in the wrong way.

Enforcing the correct use of car parks is the right thing to do but this is like penalising someone when they've little alternative.

And the worst thing is that this will likely only make things even more unbearable for the residents living nearby who struggle to park outside their homes because of the overspill.

Of course, road tax-paying motorists are entitled to park on unrestricted streets, but it is easy to understand the frustration of neighbouring residents.

The trust needs to expand the car parks BEFORE introducing these measures.

Not the other way round.