THE creators of a taxi app due to launch soon have rebranded a traditional taxi firm after buying a stake in the business.

Barrow Cars has been renamed Street Cars after the creators of the Ubaro taxi ordering app joined the firm.

They said one of the taxi company's main selling points would be that all taxi drivers would accept payment with bank cards.

The Ubaro taxi ordering app, created by the team behind the Barrow Eats app, is due to launch before the end of the month.

Scott Beckman, co-director of the company behind the app, said of Street Cars: "All of our drivers now accept card so all customers can pay for their fares via electronic payment in the taxi.

"How often does it happen that you get in a taxi and need to be dropped off at a cash point.

"And we now have more drivers than we did with Barrow Cars so the service will be much quicker and far more reliable."

Mr Beckman said the Ubaro launch was delayed to add payment within the app.

He said: "We learnt our lesson with Barrow Eats not to make too many changes after launch while people are using the app."

He added a number of taxi drivers in Barrow had welcomed the app and drivers had signed up to take passengers exclusively through Ubaro.

"We've held a few meetings and lots of taxi drivers have attended. They've said the meeting have among the most attended meetings of the trade ever."

When passengers are not able to find a taxi, it is said they will be asked to call the Street Cars number to book one.

The former Barrow Cars office is in Dalkeith Street.

The Street Cars directors are now Scott Beckman, Sam Cunningham, James Linton, Gareth Benson.