Mail readers have had their say on the parking issues in Barrow after a number of MPs called for a blanket nationwide ban on the "blight" of car parking on pavements.

Andrea Nelson said: "I’m sick of having to walk on the road, why should I it’s ridiculous. God help the disabled and mums with prams and toddlers."

Carole Akred said: "To many cars on the roads and pavements."

Lynn Woodhouse: "Many times I've had to walk in the middle of the road with a double buggy because inconsiderate drivers have parked on the pavements on both sides of the road , worse still having to walk in the middle of the road with and buggy and a five year old because someone parked on the pavement on the corner completely blocking my view of any traffic that could be coming round that corner."

Kat Leatherbarrow said: "I have space at the front of my house that I could make in to a driveway but I can’t afford the extortionate amount of money Cumbria council wants to drop the kerb, how about challenging the council over the cost of that?"

Darren Collinson said: "Nah but it's a bit hard to navigate the streets on a scooter people with cars pay towards repairing roads so I ain't going to moan."

Dawn Mckellar said: "I know the some areas u have to park partially on the pavement, but people should always leave enough space for wheelchair users and prams and vulnerable people to pass. Otherwise they are forced onto the road which is dangerous for them."

Sue Hollingsworth said: "Every morning going to work i have to go on the road, same when i come home."

Janine DaSilva: "Bottom of Laburnum Crescent. Many of the cars that park in this area are taxi drivers. Impossible to cross the road as no dropped down kerb either side. It's bad enough crossing when I am on my own in the chair but try crossing with a 9 year old child.