SEAGULLS have developed a poor reputation here in Barrow.

Just because they're noisy, protective of their young and would think nowt of nicking your chips, doesn't mean that we should all go out and man the air rifles.

They may be ‘flying rats’ but shooting seagulls is like shooting fish in a barrel - too easy.

When you shoot or harm a seagull in Barrow, all you’re really doing is pointing it at the town or yourself.

Many people who move away say they miss the sound of Barrow’s seagulls.

It makes them think of home.

Seagulls are the sound of the coast, and a cacophonous soundtrack to life here.

Let's remember this.

It's not seagulls who put out rubbish to tear open - it's us.

If we used the proper thick sacks, they would never get into the stuff we put out for the bin men.

If some people didn't chuck down the leftovers of their takeaways, seagulls would have little to live on.

So if you think too many seagulls are a problem with birds, think again.

Seagulls are a problem of humans.

Messy humans.

So give them a break.

Get off their backs.

Pick up after yourself or appreciate them for what they are - a part of Barrow and one of God's animals.