BARROW’s MP has described Brexit as an ‘appalling mess’ after two major developments in parliament.

In another dramatic day, Monday saw a five-week suspension of parliament begin and the Queen also gave her Royal Assent to a bid by MPs to block Britain crashing out of the EU without a deal.

This now means that Prime Minister Boris Johnson has to negotiate a new deal acceptable to Parliament.

If he is unable to do so or has not won a vote in favour of a no-deal in Parliament then by law the government can formally request an extension on October 19. This comes despite Mr Johnson saying that he will not ask for a further delay of leaving the EU by Halloween.

Mr Woodcock said: “The whole thing is an appalling mess but overall it’s right that the country has taken steps to guard against the catastrophic damage that a no-deal Brexit could inflict on our community. Let’s hope that the prime minister responds by finally focusing on what kind of deal he could bring back rather than this gigantic game of chicken with the EU.

“I am disappointed that the government is shutting down parliament - whatever your views on Brexit, MPs should be in the commons asking questions on behalf of their constituents at this critical time. But I am determined to use the time away to Westminster to good effect and looking forward to a busy few weeks in Furness focusing on the issues that matter to our area.”