ONE of South Cumbria's oldest shows was in full swing on Saturday.

The Lowick & District Agricultural Show 2019 saw visitors and locals come together to celebrate the area's 162th show.

The show is as much a part of the annual cycle as the four seasons and their the changing weather, the cycle of Christmas, Easter, Harvest Festival and all other calender events.

Committee member Tim Cook said: "This year many of our male committee members have got stuck in to the baking side of the show.

"So, this year it is more cosmopolitan, while keeping its traditional Cumbria pull of visitors."

From children's games to premium dairy and farm stock events, Lowick Show is an engaging event for the community.

The show is run by the Lowick Show committee, who are volunteers from the surrounding area.

Thanking the volunteers was show president Les Ingham.

He said: "The whole show relies on the support of the community.

"It's a one-day event, but it's a year in the making.

"Thank you to the volunteers and the farmers making the show unique.

"It's one of the biggest events for Lowick as it brings in visitors from all over the country."

The money raised from ticket sales and other events will go to maintaining show year on year.

Going forward, committee member Mr Cook stated there would not be any drastic changes to the show's layout, but any new ideas would be about engaging with youth.

Mr Cook said: "We're not looking to change anything at the show.

"We've found a formula that works for our farming community, but we want to get children more involved in the traditional aspects.

"These include rearing livestock and baking, which will get children using their hands."