THE chief executive of St Mary’s Hospice in Ulverston, Cumbria, has today announced a temporary suspension of admissions to inpatient beds.

Val Stangoe delivered the news to staff this morning, explaining the reason for the decision, which has been driven by a shortage of specialist doctors.

The hospice has been trying to recruit a senior doctor in palliative care since May to cover a temporary vacancy, so it can offer continuity of care when a member of the team leaves in October.

The Mail readers have had their say.

Pamela Carr: So sad to hear this news let’s hope they will find someone soon. We need the hospice.

Rosaline Wills: Not good news we need the St Mary’s Hospice.

Jane Wicks: Happening at Furness. Wards closed and brand new maternity unit sending patients to Lancaster. The hospice is fantastic place hope it finds someone.

Claire Burns: Let’s hope they can find some very special person to fill the void and get the beds open again.

Sandra Sunny: Oh my god, so sad and totally not the fault of the hospice.

Dianne Wallace: So sad to hear this. Terrible news. I do hope they can successfully recruit the staff they need.

Zara Gerrish: So sad a lovely place for family and loved ones at the end of life.

Joan Stewart: Dreadful news it does such a magnificent job in the community.

Kerry Burns: Such a shame. A fantastic place for families and loved ones at the end of life.

Judy Gardiner: So sad.

Sarah Gardner: There's a shortage of doctors everywhere. Not as many training and GP surgeries struggle too. Hope St Mary's manages to recruit.

June Eccles: Oh my goodness, whatever next ? That is dreadful news.

Julie Silver: This is heartbreaking news.

Mansel John: No Brexit yet so can't blame it or say for definite there will be less doctors and nurses after if it does indeed ever happen. Hope they get sorted soon though.

Bev Powell: Heartbreaking news.

Angela Doyle: Hope they get some one in soon.

Gill Jepson: More of the same will happen as we slide into Brexit and out of the European Union. Doctors and nurses disappear.

Kerry Ann Burns: Gill Jepson what a load of rubbish. There is no plan to stop people coming over that want to work just free loaders.

David Shaw: Shocking.