A WOMAN who shouted threatening words at a hospital worker has been jailed.

Louise Chambers appeared at South Cumbria Magistrates’ in Barrow where pleaded guilty to using abusive or insulting words towards a worker at Furness General Hospital.

The court was told the 30-year-old committed the offence when she attended accident and emergency at FGH on May 29.

She was jailed for eight weeks.

Prosecutors said she went to the A&E department just before midnight on that day and was directed toward the gynaecology ward.

While there she was said to have become verbally aggressive towards Charlotte Spencer, a doctor on the ward.

The court heard Chambers shouted to her: “If you don’t get out of my face I will batter you.”

This was said to have caused the victim to fear she would be punched in the face.

Magistrates were told the incident lasted between five and 10 minutes.

She breached section 4 of the Public Order Act.

The court heard Chambers was subject to a Criminal Behaviour Order stating she was prohibiting from ‘acting in an anti-social manner’ and breached it by threatening the doctor.

Chambers had pleaded not guilty to the charges at her first appearance in court but changed her plea to guilty on the day of the trial.

A charge of assault against the doctor was dismissed.

Chambers has previously appeared in court for charges involving members of the emergency service.

In August last year she was jailed for two weeks for being threatening and abusive towards two police officers in Barrow.

In the same month she appeared at court after making 29 nuisance calls to 999 in just a year.

Under the terms of her Criminal Behaviour order she was banned from calling the 999 phone line – except when in the genuine belief that there is an emergency which requires the police.

Anyone who witnesses the terms of an order being breached should contact the police immediately.