THIS week visitors and staff have been eagerly awaiting the first glimpse of a new arrival.

Dedicated members, photographers and red panda fans have camped out for hours at a time in a bid to be the winner of ‘the first glimpse’ race.

Everyone has been waiting for a tiny nose to appear out of the nest box.

Finally this weekend, safari zoo member Chris Haggan caught the first sighting of one of our Red Panda cubs, who he spotted peeping its adorable little head out of the nest box.

Who will catch their first full venture into the outdoors? The race is on!

We celebrated the end of a great summer with our annual ‘Members BBQ’ on Saturday.

With our annual pass holders heading to us from all over the UK to join us for food and exclusive animal feedings everyone had a fantastic day.

We also welcomed residents from across the borough of Barrow this August as many took advantage of the local discount offer.

It was great to see and meet everyone!

Onto the animals now... you all remember Remi right?

Well, they say you’re never too old for a telling off from your mum.

So despite the daily battle with his recently-diagnosed cancer, Remi the Jaguar is still being told off by mum, Bonita.

Getting up to mischief, playing and teasing, it’s fair to say he is comfortable and happy. His ‘theatre’ scars are healing well and our team continue to ensure he receives the best care.

Last week you may have seen the most adorable picture of our Colombian Spider Monkey baby, born on August 26.

First time mum Keeley gave birth in front of a large crowd of staff and visitors who by all accounts were overwhelmed with the arrival.

Dad Alex wasn’t too interested as he sat entertaining the group.

Our newborn, yet to be named, is doing great and we are all extremely proud of our newest addition.