BEAR with us, the latest Trader of the Week will fill you with joy.

The Mail’s latest weekly award is Special Occasions, on Crellin Street.

The Barrow store, established in 2009, offers a range of inspirational and bespoke gift ideas, and is the only place in Furness to sell the popular Cornwall collectable range of enchanted Charlie Bears.

Special Occasions owner, Donna Dacre, 39, said: “Thank to all who voted for us, it nice to know our hard work. is appreciated.

“The store provides personalised gifts for customers.

“Since Murray Gifts closed (which sold Charlie Bears) on Dalton Road, we won the Charlie Bears contract in February and now we’re the only shop in the Furness area to sell them.

“They are our biggest seller and each one has its own qualities and even personalities.”

Mrs Dacre has a small team of artists who hand-crafted specially-designed gifts.

She said: “I’d like to thank my team, Sharon McLennan, Nicole Perry, and volunteer Josie Tomkinson.

“We worked with Barrow BID, which paid half of a project which saw our exterior given a new lease of life.”

Mrs Dacre also thanked her husband Dean Dacre, 48, for helping with the exterior project and her two daughters Elysha, 17, and Olivia, 12, for helping her stay motivated.

Nominating Special Occasions for the award,Walney resident Amy Cooke said: “It’s a great store and the staff always seem to be hard at work creating things.”

Stef Haslam, of Barrow, said: “I have a Charlie Bear of my own.

“So to see a shop in Barrow selling them makes the town extra special because they’re very much sought after.”

To match the new exterior tree design, handyman Mr Dacre created an interior treehouse for the range of Charlie Bears.

Mrs Dacre said: “The interior looks great.

“I went to an exhibition in Harrogate recently and spoke to the designer Charlie Morris herself.

“I showed her the indoor treehouse and she loved it.”

The Special Occasions team have an in-store Creation Express machine, where customers can create their own design for any product.

Going forward, Mrs Dacre is set to launch a range of gift sets including personalised wash cloths and vegan-friendly, plastic-free soaps.

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