It seems to have been a good couple of weeks for Barrow.

No fewer than three major projects, involving millions of pounds and aimed at lifting the town centre, appear to bearing fruit.

Barrow is in the running for two Government grants – the Stronger Towns Fund and the final round of the Future High Streets Fund.

Some will say that this is only repackaged cash that the town missed out on during a decade of austerity.

Yet optimism is also high that the £1.9 million Arts Council-funded Barra Culture programme promises a fun-packed four years ahead.

Cumbria Tourism and Associated British Ports will also be doing their bit to fly the flag for Barrow to encourage cruise operators to dock here.

This should also be welcomed with the caveat that previous attempts at trying to use the port as a ‘gateway’ have had only a couple of successes.

A more consistent approach to marketing the town as a cruise destination is needed and Barrow must have a solid offer if it wants to get passengers to see the sights.

The last thing Barrow needs is well-heeled tourists being shuttled out of town, straight up the Lake District and hitting standing traffic on the A590.

The important thing to recognise is that the town is in the running for funding and there are people out there really working to make a difference.