FORMER war correspondent Kevin Weaver has a show of Lake District landscapes running at Natterjacks at Ulverston until October 17.

Kevin - who was shot and wounded in Sarajevo in 1992 - was diagnosed with PTSD in 2005.

Soon after, he began making paintings and sculptures based on his feelings and nightmares about his traumatic experiences. He also created oil paintings based on his experiences covering wars.

Kevin was born in Scotland but moved to England when he was ten. On completing a BA hons degree in the arts, he worked as a photojournalist covering conflicts across the world in the 1990s, including the Romanian revolution, the war in Bosnia, the Rwandan genocide and the Kosovo conflict for The Independent and several other newspapers and magazines. He became a teacher in 1999 teaching media, English and drama for 11 years in London. During this time he began making art and sculptures. He left teaching in 2013 and began working as a full time artist shortly after to moving to Frizington, in west Cumbria.

When Kevin moved up to Cumbria he expanded into larger forms of sculpture, landscape and war themed oil painting using wax and silicon that he has developed since to include the themes of energy bio-diversity, nature and man’s effect on the landscape as well as war and man’s inhumanity to man, his childhood and cancer treatment. An extremely gifted artist, he paints using impressionistic colours using contrasts and draws on a variety of influences, including The Impressionists, Fauvism, Cubism and Art Deco.

Natterjacks Coffee House and Gallery is located at 34 Queen Street.

For further information telephone 01229-582190.