A HOMEOWNER said he was ‘disgusted’ by a pile up of furniture left for three weeks on a Barrow backstreet.

Graeme Quinn felt his concerns ‘were not being listened to’ after he flagged up the issue of flytipping between West View Road and Westmorland Street to Barrow Borough Council.

According to the 55-year-old, the unwanted furniture was left on the backstreet for three weeks before it was removed.

Mr Quinn, who lives on West View Road, said he expected the council to ‘act quicker’ in response to such issues.

The Mail readers have had their say.

Paul Rodden Phoned the council Friday, they were out yesterday and picked up what I'd reported and then swept the back street.

Kirsty Louise I asked them to come for a deep freezer four weeks ago. Paid £10 still in my back street. So asking for collection is no better.

Teresa Mulvey There has been a mattress dumped at the side of my house Westmorland Street-Cragg Street. It’s been there for four weeks. I’m sick of all the rubbish dumped in the back streets around here! Stop being so lazy and take it to the tip!

Darren Gill You could always get the good people of Barrow to team together and I'm sure they will clean it, or get a royal visit to the town I'm sure the town would be spotless.

Nerys R Curtis Darren Gill that’s what the council are counting on Darren, they know if they leave it long enough the brilliant volunteers that are Zest Community Action Group and the like will do it for nothing.

Janet Bury A phone call or online report may have prompted a quicker response. The council used to collect for free but now it costs £10 some people cant or wont pay. I feel sorry for the refuse team as stuff is dumped on a daily basis.

Karen O'Brien It's the same in my back street. Been there foor four weeks.

Emma Teresa Brown Why do people do this? I just don't get it. It's easy enough to pay the council to pick it up.

Sarah Lucas Council charge you for collecting stuff like that.

John Eccles Sarah Lucas £10. It's nothing. I've used the service many times.

Neal Tyson It's laziness, end of.

Graham Wilson Don't blame the council. Blame the people who dumped it!

Angela Griffiths It's your dirty lazy neighbours, not the council's fault.

Michelle Macdonald Find the dirty sods that dump it and chuck it all back in their yard.

Katie Ardron Ew, the people in Barrow are vile.