IT was a dark day in Barrow when the Jade Fountain closed.

The town was left with just one Chinese restaurant offering an all-you-can-eat buffet and many feared the Cavendish Street premises would either remain closed forever or be converted into a charity shop/salon/Costa.

Fortunately it was only 12 months before a new tenant took over and in August Barrow Fiesta opens its doors to the hungry public.

And to the delight of Chinese buffet fans the offering of the Jade Fountain was revived - and then some.

Barrow Fiesta draws its inspiration from across the globe by mixing Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Filipino cuisines.

The restaurant is laid-out much as it was during the Jade Fountain days but with a refurbished interior and expanded food area.

A large salad and sushi stand has been added along with a pizza section and a fresh ice cream machine next to an improved dessert area.

Italian food includes three different pizzas, bolognese and carbonara, as well as cheesy garlic bread.

Abigail and I enjoyed the pizzas, which were cooked fresh, but my colleague Dan said the quality of the pasta was average.

The middle, largest section houses the Chinese and Filipino dishes. This includes the typical buffet starter options of spring rolls, onion rings, salt and pepper wings, prawn toast and chips.

The range of main dishes included the popular sweet and sour chicken, noodles, vegetables, and one of my personal favourites Singapore noodles which was packed with prawns, chicken and pork.

Our visit took place within Barrow Fiesta's first two weeks of business so it was very busy, even at 5pm when its opens in the evenings.

As such we had to eat upstairs and while this seating area lacked the atmosphere and proximity to the food found downstairs, there were few complaints.

There is no doubt that Barrow Fiesta will continue to be a popular choice for a meal out in Barrow and given the choice on offer diners will return more often.


Food 4

Atmosphere 4

Value 4.5

Service 3.5


Plenty of choice

Food refreshed regularly


Upstairs diners have to go downstairs for food