THE message to Government from Barrow Council over its Marina Village project could not be any clearer.

Homes England - which replaced the Homes and Communities Agency back in 2018 - needs to make a final decision over our funding bid once and for all.

We agree. The town needs to be put out of its misery. Is it a yes or is it a no? Until then, no-one can move forward.

Despite restructures and name changes at the department, one thing has remained consistent - it has prevaricated for years and it is now becoming embarrassing. It is clear that officers and councillors in Barrow are at their wit’s end.

A scheme as significant as this - a potential game-changer in the image people outside the area have of Barrow - needs to be brought to a conclusion.

The council is chomping at the bit to get the site in good shape to make way for the developers to move in and get cracking.

Meetings have taken place in London involving senior figures at the council and the local MP who has raised questions in parliament. They are all crucially aware that the longer time drags on, the less confidence people will have in the project. Everyone knows the current fixation is Brexit. Yet it is unfair that towns like ours are left in limbo as officialdom dilly-dallies over committing money to vital projects for our future.