It’s not every day Barrow can celebrate a £7.2 million investment.

Major infrastructure projects should be warmly welcomed, especially if it makes it easier to get here and provides modern facilities.

The Walney Airfield improvements helps overcome one of the town’s distinct disadvantages - how difficult it can be to get here quickly.

It is also reassuring that this long overdue upgrade will not just benefit a single company.

The offer appears to be there for representatives of different industries to use it, as well as the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Navy.

That said, Barrow needs to carefully consider whether it would be wise to allow elected Government officials to visit the town by these means.

If the Secretary of State for Defence or the Prime Minister wants to come to town, why shouldn’t they do it the hard way?

What is the point of trying to campaign for improvements to the A590 if those with any influence have the luxury of avoiding a journey on it?

It’s not always evident how high-ranking politicians get to Barrow, but if the town has any say in it, officialdom should at least be expected to experience the A590 as the rest of us do.

Not from the gilded cockpit of a light aircraft, but by the long and winding road that separates us from the M6!