The Brexit battle lines are now drawn for an almighty Autumnal Parliamentary punch-up: on one side, Brussels and a pro-EU UK Parliament, and on the other a government which is having to resort to extreme measures to comply with the 2016 Referendum result, to break us out of Fortress Europe and move this country on.

Not a minute too soon! The fug of BREXIT has stifled the nation’s politics, business and discourse. No country can afford the years of drift and uncertainty that Westminster has inflicted upon us. This needs to stop now.

The only way to settle the national debate over BREXIT is to try it. We can always rejoin the EU if it transpires that our decision to leave was mistaken. The proof of the BREXIT pudding is in the eating, not in endless conjecture about how palatable it will be. In a democracy, you vote, you experience the consequences of how you voted and then you vote again in the light of your experience.

In the coming weeks, readers will hear politicians pontificating about the authority of Parliament. But there is a higher authority - the British voters, whose will as expressed in the 2016 Referendum Parliament is trying to ignore.

Given that half of our MPs are trying to precipitate a general election while even more are trying to sabotage BREXIT, maybe the ends justify Boris Johnson’s means. What we can all surely agree on is that BREXIT has exposed the abysmal state of British politics. When this crisis is over, we must resolve to replace adversarial and uncodified flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants governance with a democracy we can all take pride in.

Yours faithfully,

David Green