ONE of the main clarion calls of the ‘Leave’ campaign invited us all to ‘take back control’.

With Donald Trump lining up to provide us the greatest trade deal ever, how can their known poorer animal welfare and food standards provide any of us with a greater degree of ‘control’ over our grocery choices?

I take this as one example only of the ways in which the bluff and bluster permitted three years ago are now self evidently exposed as just that.

As Boris Johnson and his team cynically drag us ever closer to a ‘no deal’ crash out, please, PLEASE, more than ever, we must be given the chance to either ratify this madness, or change our minds.

I still fail to understand why some continue to claim that any notion of a People’s Vote would grossly betray our democracy.

As I recall, a ‘no deal’ option was never contemplated during the referendum - neither, incidentally, was Northern Ireland, but that’s another matter.

Trevor Pollard

Newby Bridge