Dear Furness community,

Thank you for your very kind support for the work of The Salvation Army in Barrow.

For over one hundred years we have raised funds particularly for the needs of homeless and vulnerable people by once a year distributing envelopes in our neighbourhood and collecting door to door. This activity has been successful in its time to fund our work and give opportunity to ask questions about our facilities.

However times have changed and we now sense collecting door to door is no longer the most appropriate way to fundraise and so we will not be distributing envelopes this year. Our mission continues to be trying to meet the needs of the community and this remains our priority as we ask to give your support in a different way.

Saturday 31st August will see us collecting in Barrow town centre and throughout September our foyer café within our Citadel building, will have a special facility to accept donations and give opportunity to ‘Gift Aid’ the funds as appropriate. Postal donations are still most welcome, while we will also continue to play carols and collect at Christmas in the town and market hall.

We sincerely thank all our dedicated soldiers and friends who have collected in all weathers so faithfully for many years, and especially for the kindness in the way we were greeted at your door and trusted with your donations.

Any feedback as to how best raise funds would be much appreciated, as we value the terrific support we receive.

God Bless

Captain Martin Davison: The Salvation Army Barrow in Furness