GCSE results day is a rite of passage for all teenagers.

Bridging the gap from the world of childhood to adulthood the day is monumental in marking the end of school education.

It is a day all students, teachers and parents feel nervous about.

But early reports show some schools in Barrow have had their best year yet.

Well done to all those who collected results yesterday we hope all their hard work has paid off.

The years directly ahead of these students will be the best of their lives - only they don't know it yet.

Whether college, university, apprenticeships or work is next on the agenda many will make decisions which will sculpt their futures.

Every year around results day there is always talk about how the exams have changed - got harder or easier.

Let's not take anything away from our young people.

They have worked hard and spent their whole school career working towards this day. The last thing they want to hear is that they have only done so well because the exams were easier.

This time of year is also a good time to give a shout out to our wonderful teachers. Many go above and beyond all year round but especially in the run up for exams laying on extra study sessions. So well done all! We must bask in the glory of our students before it all starts again.