LIFE is precious and is something that should be protected and nurtured.

That is why when The Mail staff noticed a surge in suicides at the start of this year we knew we needed to act.

The Time to Talk campaign called on health bosses to take action as well as encouraging the community to look out for one another by removing the stigma surrounding mental health.

Today I proud to say action will be taken and lives will be saved.

Health bosses are launching their Suicide Safer Barrow in direct response to The Mail's campaign.

As well as offering suicide prevention and first aid workshops at some of the town's biggest employers, participants will be taught how to spot the signs and how they can help.

This could not have quick enough for Barrow.

Between Boxing Day and March there has been at least five suicides.

New statistics from Public Health England show South Cumbria has the third worst rate of suicide in England.

We must make this campaign matter. We must try and stop family's in our communities losing precious loved ones.

If your employer has yet to sign up for the Every Life Matters workshop it is your duty to your colleagues to insist that they do. After all we never know when someone we know may need a shoulder to cry on.