SEPTEMBER is almost here! Will somebody please come up with something to help us slow down?

We can’t blame the clock, it’s Greenwich Meridian Time, never late, never early.

Could the culprit be What’s App, Twitter, Facebook, 24-hour News or Alexa? They never ever switch off, or slow down, they’ve got you all of the time, even listening to you while you eat and sleep, piling up breaking news before you wake up.

Before you know it a day goes by, then a week and then a whole month. The joy of living in the moment is dying.

I could say it doesn’t happen to me, it doesn’t, I don’t possess an internet phone, but the Bible says we are our brothers' (and sisters') keeper. We need to help each other to slow down, together.

So what can we do to take back the moments and lost hours every day?

There is a 30-minute programme, designed for two stressed-out people. It’s called Words-121.

It lasts 30 minutes. On page one we have words. I read some, then you ask me what’s that all about. We both try to figure it out, then you read some, I ask you the same and before you know it we’ve hit it off and can’t wait for page two.

Small beginnings could be life changing.

I’ve ordered the book of words. Is anybody game?

Raymond Hall