FAMILIES and mental health campaigners have hailed today's announcement that a new suicide prevention scheme will be rolled out across Barrow.

Thanks in part to the Mail’s Time to Talk campaign a new initiative called Suicide Safer Barrow is to be rolled out across the town delivering suicide prevention training, bereavement support and suicide first aid to organisations.

Since the turn of the year, Furness has been struck by a concerning rise in people taking their own lives.

This sparked a new initiative by The Mail to encourage people to open up about their inner battles and seek help before it is too late.

Chrissie Crampton was one such individual who supported the campaign when she urged residents to ‘look behind the smiles’ after her beloved brother, Will Taylor took his own life in February.

Of hearing news of the campaigns success, she said: “The Time to talk campaign is a massive help to the people of Barrow. People have been more open about how they’re feeling and seeking help from sources that are provided by or advertised by The Mail's campaign.

“I only wish Will had seen these avenues that could have helped him, but I know if 'Time to Talk' continues in our area it will continue to help people that are most in need.”

Mental health campaigner Dan Webber who also supported the campaign said: “At he heart of the local community, The Mail cleverly used the wide audience to bring a crucial topic to the forefront of people’s conversations.

“I think they deserve the recognition that this excellent campaign has had.”

Mark Bell who also spoke out about his battle with mental health said: “I’m glad to see all the organisation working together to help address the problems and hopefully once set up we can help and use them to support locals.

“I have heard first hand some of the problems men are facing and why they feel they have to hide how they feel. Hopefully once this Suicide Safer Barrow is set up people will have somewhere else to get help and support.”