A BELOVED greengrocers is due to close its doors next week.

Brocklebanks in Dalton will stop trading on August 31 as its owner heads into retirement.

Wray Brocklebank, 65, has worked at family business for four decades.

He was recently fitted with a pacemaker and will step away from the shop after recent health problems.

He said: “I will really miss the shop.

“I’ve put everything into it and never stopped.

Born in Dalton, Mr Brocklebank started as milkman in the town.

The former J H and G Brocklebank, run by Wray’s parents, started with a base in Station Road before moving premises.

Mr Brocklebank has provided fruit and vegetables to a number of business including the King Alfred Hotel on Walney and the Barrow market stall.

Brocklebanks Florist, based in the front of the shop, will stay open.