THERE are many jobs when people wake up in the morning and don’t know what the day will bring.

But none can be quite as varied, and serious, as those working for the emergency services.

This weekend firefighters in Barrow have showed their versatility by tackling two very different incidents.

Firstly, two bravely jumped into Ormsgill Reservoir to save a man who had fallen in.

Fire bosses spotted the man up to his neck in water in a state of panic.

He was drunk.

This not only almost cost him his life, but put the lives of the firefighters in jeopardy.

Then, hours later, as many of us were still counting sheep, a crew was called to a golf club on Walney to put out a large blaze.

Their efforts to extinguish the raging inferno were hampered by strong winds but they eventually brought it under control.

It is unclear why the blaze started but there are suggestions it was either children or a discarded cigarette.

Both of these incidents seem avoidable and could have meant firefighters could not get to a burning house, or to a crash.

Thankfully the man was saved, and the fire brought under control, but it might be a different story next time.