FIREFIGHTERS dealt with a large fire at Furness Golf Club in the early hours of this morning.

Crews were called at 3.45am to the course on Walney.

A large quantity of smoke was blowing across the island and towards Barrow.

Fire chief Mark Ducie said: "We attended the scene around 3.45am after 20 reports from residents about a large fire.

"The fire was big and caused a lot of smoke travelling towards housing estates on Walney.

"The winds from the Irish Sea carried the smoke over and it was damped, which didn't help the situation.

"The fire was on the golf course 50 metres away from the lookout tower."

The bush where the incident took place did seem to have small, white plooms of smoke coming out it today around 9.30am.

However, Mr Ducie confirmed firefighters had reported to the scene around 10am to check up on the bush, which was confirmed to be 'no longer a danger'.

"Firefighters have been to the golf course and thrown water over the area, and it's no longer a danger."

Residents reported streets including Conway Gardens and Darent Avenue were 'full of smoke' just before 4am.

One resident, who lives on Darent Avenue, said: "One of my windows face the clock tower and I saw a huge plume of smoke.

"The fire engine had to actually go onto the golf course.

"The smoke was that bad the fire engine disappeared from sight."

Firefighters had urged residents to keep windows and doors closed.