CALLS made by Jeremy Corbyn to bring down the government with a no-confidence vote have received a mix response from MPs and residents.

Public opinion in Barrow is divided over recent calls made by the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn to oust Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a bid to take power of 10 Downing Street. The Mail readers have had their say.

Keilly Devlin: I think he needs to pack it in. For goodness sake we voted to leave and now we actually have somebody that is implementing what we voted for. Jeremy Corbyn wants to stop it. He's a disgrace. How can someone be working in our best interest during negotiations to take no deal off the table? Giving us no wriggle room at all, and how come he's decided to side with the EU? After campaigning against them his whole political career! The guy is so mixed up it's a joke. He is a danger to this country, and vote of no confidence. Pretty sure he has faced that before and not stood down. Hypocrite of the highest order.

Gail Bundy: Keilly Devlin He won two mandates to be the leader. He won the apparent vote if no confidence. He won it unanimously.

Derek McNaughton: It's the last chance saloon for this country, and I agree with him, let's get it done.

Russell Maguire: Corbyn changes his mind more often than my baby needs his nappy changing. Once a massive Euro sceptic to try and get the people's vote he has now u-turned into a 'Remainiac'. Anyone else remember him saying he would respect the referendum result about 50 times? The man couldn't lie straight in bed and it would be an absolute disaster if he became PM. Give Boris a chance don't listen to the hard-left smear campaign by the usual suspects. Corbyn is a career politician.

Norman Pascoe: These so called socialist are not fit to lick the boots of their predecessors.

Scott Wilson: Completely behind Corbyn 100% he is the only hope this country has of not being made a laughing stock.

Gail Bundy: They smear him because they fear him. Most of them can’t say why. Ask them which policy they disagree with and it all goes quiet.

Jill Dixon: Wouldn't trust Corbyn and his crew to run a tap, never mind the country.

Susan Kent: The guy switches his mind on things more often than most people change their socks.

Jonny Swift: Get Boris out as soon as possible.